This illustration was drawn in vector from a photo I took of my husband's Ibanez guitar. 
This travel poster was designed in Illustrator to entice travelers to visit the windy city. 

Duotone Note Card: This client requested a new note card design that would be the official stationary for the Madison College Graphic Design and Illustration department. In addition to being limited to only two PANTONE colors, the paper was also 'natural' in color, which required special attention when setting the tints of the colors. 

This client wanted to replace their out-dated, xerox-copied resort map they were using and change it into a vivid, modernized map that could be used inside their new brochure.

The Madison College Performing Arts group challenged our design class to design a theater poster for their upcoming performance. The instructor challenged us each with a design 'approach' and I was assigned 'color.' I am happy to say, that my poster won the contest and hung in the halls in the weeks prior to the performance. 

This poster was designed as a real assignment, to promote the nutritious value of drinking chocolate milk after strenuous exercise. 

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