The Senior Staff requested an annual report that the dairy farmers can really use. So the report was embedded into an informative array of Infographics and a full-size wall calendar on the reverse side they can use all year long.

I've had the pleasure of designing annual reports for the dairy farmers for a few years running.

I was part of a group of people in my school district who were standing up to our school district that planned on closing our local school. The website helped link people to information and build awareness in the community. The efforts paid off when the group ousted two sitting board members. But they did end up closing the schools.

The Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP60) newsletter was designed so that educators would have their news on one side, and students would have their news on the other side. It was designed like a newspaper to draw attention to all sorts of events and stories centered around the FUTP60 program, that encourages 60 minutes of excercise and good eating habits each day for school-aged children.

The Dairy Update was a quarterly publication and a source of promotional news to Wisconsin dairy producers. This newsletter won a Merit award from NAMA in 2017 in the category of agricultural newsletters. Open this PDF for a look at the entire pub.

Branding of the Madison College Performing Arts identify onto stationary.

This retailer requested a header sign to be mounted atop their wine display. The sign is made of Sintra and features acrylic frames where the retailer can change out pairing information for the wines and cheeses they have on hand.
This trade show booth backdrop was created with an array of Infographics meant to provoke discussions with dairy professionals about how their checkoff dollars work for them for promotion efforts. The backdrop measured approximately 10' x 7' and was simply a fabric pocket that fit over a lightweight armature for easy transport and assembly. So even if someone simply stopped by to look, and not engage in a discussion, they'd  learn a few things in only a few moments just by standing there.
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