I am happiest when I design. And I am pleased to offer professional graphic design services to both business and consumer clients alike, from out of my home in beautiful River Valley, Wisconsin. There hasn’t been a project yet that I was not able to deliver–on time– using the best strategies and artistic applications.

If you are looking for professional graphic design services or consultation for a project you want to tackle, I invite you to call or message me to discuss the project and perhaps we can work together to write up a plan.

I use just about all the Adobe CC programs particulary Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Premier Pro, After Effects and I’m just starting to use Xd for creating custom websites. I also am proficient with Microsoft products.

My Approach

Finding the Scope – First things first. For estimating any new project, what are the deliverables expected to be? Those details and other ideas are transferred to a Project Brief, written with the client, that details all the deliverables ordered for the project with a deadline. From there, the job is estimated and a Graphic Design Agreement is created containing the legalese of the contract along with an  estimated cost of the project. The contract is sent back to the client for endorsement; once that’s done, the project begins. For more complicated projects, a 25% to 50% of the estimated cost is requested up front before design begins.

Learning About the Brand – Next, it’s important to learn about the client’s brand by gathering information and inspirations in various ways. It includes research, websites and perhaps even pay a visit to capture the culture. Impressions like these create the final product, which should present the best kind of design for a client. Further concept development might include a mood board, or a selection of visual combinations that suit the client’s goals and expectations.

The Final Impression: The final impression is the culmination of all information and design elements and put them into their respective places.  As design development unfolds, drawings and mock-ups will be shared with the client for feedback throughout the project. Refined art will be created and submitted to client following final approval.

Q & A

Do you take jobs from remote clients?

Yes.  I have computer equipment loaded with Microsoft Office and Adobe CC products. I am fully acclimated to working from my home productively.

What is your rate?

My base rate is $40 per hour, but like all things ‘creative’, cost can vary depending on how a project is negotiated at the beginning with clients. Some examples of various contracts could include a flat rate, time and materials, travel expenses, etc.

How do you deliver artwork rights to your clients?

Intellectual property rights and laws make In The Pines Designs the original owner, or original source, of any artwork produced by this agency. In The Pines Designs will always be the original artwork source for project files, but full-rights and ownership of artwork is transferred to the client upon receiving final payment for the work completed.

Do you have a favorite project?

Favorite projects have been those that were the most challenging. I have passion for making things intentionally, for whatever reason I’m making it. I like making Infographics – changing otherwise dull data into impressionable, attractive points of interest.